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Furnitura for glass and glass constructions is necessary for fixing of all kinds of big and small details.

Without it the construction cannot exist and will fall into separate units. At this time hardware should be beautiful, elegant and reliable.

Don’t save money on hardware! Correctly chosen, of high quality hardware will be really reliable and will help you to avoid troubles connected with maintaining of glass product emphasizing its beauty and brilliance. Our company uses glass hardware of the leading global manufacturers: Casma (Italy), Dorma and WSS (Germany), Sevax (France).

Such kinds of material as stainless steel, zinc alloys, aluminum are widely used in designing of component parts of hardware. As usual surfaces of these products are exposed to polishing, but mating surfaces are also frequent. Sometimes hardware is painted in order to fit the surrounding interior. Colored hardware looks even more unique and distinctive. Often gold anodizing of surface or use of brass takes place. As usual, leading manufacturers of hardware for glass constructions produce all elements of one set in one style. It makes possible to equip not only one element but the whole construction. Today you can make of glass whatever you want due to variety of hardware. But it’s necessary to take into account that no mistakes should be made in producing of glass hardware. Adjustment of glass to the size of hardware is impossible. That’s why pay special attention not only to the price but also to the material of component parts of the product, quality of coating, test certificates for number of openings and closings and design while choosing this or that hardware manufacturer.