Solar glass is tinted glass that absorbs solar energy. Reputedly it is preferable to apply the tinted glass (when the dye is introduced into the glass is still in a molten state), as other methods for rendering (spraying or film coating) are less reliable.

Metal oxides introduced into the molten glass give any glass not only a color, but also provide energy saving and light filtering properties. Due to its optical filtering ability, colored glass significantly reduces overheating of the premises, located on the sunny side of the building, helps to reduce eye fatigue caused by direct sunlight. Visible through the window glass objects get warm pleasant shade. It can be used in case you want to glaze facade, for sun protection or premises microclimate improvement. Tinted sunscreen glass can be toughened or laminated. Such glass can be used as part of multiple glazed unit.

Due to the continuous improvement of technology and quality, solar glass manufactured with spraying is gaining increasing popularity recently. This coating is applied to glass in the production process by metal oxide spraying on the glass ribbon in a furnace at a temperature about 600 0C.

When the metal oxide penetrates the glass structure it forms a coating that makes glass much more sturdy and resistant to any external influences. This glass does not change its properties for many years. The coating may be applied to a single-layer glass on outer and inner side. You should remember, the position of the coated surface is important. Not only glass tinting coating degree is determined by that, but its rating specifications too.