Interior finishing is a responsible stage of works as the external appearance of your building depends on the quality and style of finishing works.

The masters of our company are ready to give a number of decisions concerning the finishing works of different complexity: cosmetic finishing of flats, finishing of nonstandard buildings with a glance to all your wishes and ideas.

Repairing works include the following types of finishing:

  • mounting of the system of multilevel ceilings from gypsum board
  • plastering of walls and ceilings
  • squaring up and multilayer filling cement
  • authoring individual walls finishing (Marseille wax, Venetian plaster)
  • wallpapering, walls, ceilings, baguettes painting
  • cement covering, laying of floor covering (parquet, carpet flooring, fabricated wood block flooring, laminated flooring board)
  • bathroom equipment installation

Getting down to structure, building repair works we take into account its functionality, presence of defects on surface and your wishes.

Finishing works are a complex of works with the help of which you can create necessary comfort and bliss of your being.

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