Reinforced glass is a glazing material equipped with square cell metal grid in the middle of the glass sheet, situated in parallel to its surface. The grid is made of welded steel wire. For the highest quality glass the grid is coated with protective aluminum coating. The grid sell dimensions are 12.5 mm or 25 mm. The grid should be placed over the entire area of the glass sheet not less than 1.5 mm from the glass surface.

Reinforced glass is a light-transmitting material with enhanced safety performance and fire resistance.

Here we should make a definitive statement.

The reinforcement itself does not increases glass mechanical strength and even reduces it about 1.5 times. It also does not prevent robbery or theft. But the presence of the grid will not allow glass fracture fragments to fall out of the frame, if, for example, ball or stone hit it. High-quality reinforced glass should be broken off at the score line, without any crack formations. The glass sheet is considered to be defective in case of a lot of bubbles inside. One of the glass surfaces may be patterned or knurled.

There is colored reinforced glass too, and it is made of glass painted with metal oxides. The most common colors are golden, yellow, green, purple, pink and blue. Work with reinforced glass at home is difficult (it is hard to break off any small piece), but it is not impossible. It should be cut in the normal way, and then the pieces should be separated from each other. Then the projective wire ends around the edges should be cut with pliers. Usually the projective wire is thin and could be broken off easily. The best way to attach a sheet of reinforced glass is to fix it with special glazing mouldings on all four sides of the glass sheet with a help of special rubber gaskets, or to fix it with a special mastic.

Field of application: windows, skylights and partitions glazing for industrial, public and residential buildings, balcony balustrades.