Projects management is the area of activity that consists in definition and reaching the definite aims at balancing of amount of works, resources, such as time, money, labour, materials, energy, as well as balancing of time, quality and risks aimed at achieving results at defined limitations.

Key factor of project management success is the presence of discrete predetermined plan and its risks and deflections minimization:

  • building,
  • reconstruction,
  • renovation.

Our company accomplishes works on reconstruction, building, thorough repair and finishing of shopping centres, cottages, cots, flats, offices, restaurants, hotels. Working in the area of building we mastered emerging technologies and modern finishing agents. We accomplish building and finishing works on different levels from economy to elite class permanently improving the level of building and finishing works and using new tendencies and technologies.

Building reconstruction is the conduct of building works aimed at measurement of the existent engineering-and-economical performance of object and the increase of effectiveness of its usage that include:

  • object reorganization,
  • change of overall dimensions and engineering performance,
  • capital construction, additional buildings, bulkhead,
  • dismounting and reinforcement of load-bearing structures,
  • building and reconstruction of engineering systems and communication.

We accomplish all the services in the area of building at the highest level and they correspond to building norms and rules.

Our central purpose in projects management is the stabilization of works and minimization of deflections from your plan agreement.