Aluminium stained glass windows are translucent constructions made of aluminium profiles. Aluminium is very resistant to such external impacts as temperature and corrosion making a stained glass window strong, durable and practical. Besides, aluminium is exposed to necessary colouring. One piece of glass or insulating units, various types of sandwich-structured composites and enamel glass are used as elements of the construction. Toughened glass insulating units are widely installed in high-rise buildings while for roofs and canopies toughened and laminated glass is used.

Configuration of stained glass systems provides a wide range of design solutions in choosing various forms and areas of application of diverse colour palettes.

Stained glass (from French “vitrage”, from Latin “vitrum” — glass) is an ornamental or narrative composition made from glass. It is not only a kind of decorative art but also an integral part of modern interior design of dwelling houses and public places. Windows, doors, sliding door wardrobe, wardrobe systems, partition walls, ceilings, stairs, folding screen, lamps, mirrors and other things decorated with stained glass will make your interior design distinctive and unique.

Stained glass window is a kind of art and a branch of production based on the use of light effects of coloured glass. In the course of time, its notion was extended and today producing of stained glass windows means creation of composition of coloured glass pieces joined by metal profiles. Space planning capacity of stained glass windows is unique because one of the most attractive and distinctive features of art glass is absence of closeness. Coloured glass brings to the interior design the sense of solemnity and spirituality. You can use stained glass window in order to extend visually the space of room or to emphasize its particular areas. This is possible due to its distinctive graphic – art feature.

Our company offers stained glass windows produced by leading manufacturers, quality and design of which is highly competitive with the European ones. Stained glass windows are produced for customized demand. We have a wide choice of standard stained glass and patterns for various design elements.

We offer our clients stained glass windows produced according to the following techniques >>:

  • Classic stained glass technique;
  • Tiffany stained glass (soldering) technique;
  • Fusing technique;
  • Mixed technique;
  • Faux stained glass technique.