Today glass facades can significantly change modern megapolis image. Glass makes a building look fashionable and unique and we are becoming accustomed to this material.

Glass facade and its advantages

  • Such constructions prevent penetration of sunrays and heat inside the room whereas a correctly chosen insulating unit conserves heat inside the facade saving your money on electricity and heating bills.
  • Glass facade is resistant to various atmospheric precipitations and mechanical impacts.
  • Glass facades are universal while modern materials allow designing and producing of glass facades of the most incredible forms in various styles considering all peculiarities of the building.

Facade glazing and its technical features

Glass facade is a complex engineering solution. Construction which is installed in the building or is attached to it should be resistant to winds, high loads and other force-majeure. That’s why any facade glazing is a unique work which is performed with the consideration of project and building peculiarities.

Several types of facade glazing are distinguished: classic or mullion-transom facade, frameless (structural), spider glass facade:

  • Classic mullion-transom facade glazing includes inner aluminum profile (transom and mullion) and exterior cover (mount and ornamental strip). Rubber gasket is inserted between these two parts, an insulating unit of a proper form and complexity is installed between them.


  • Frameless glass facade is a glass structured construction with an aluminum (horizontally) supporting system. A glass facade is akin to a solid glass without any joints and frames (space between joints is filled by impermeable material).


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  • Spider facade glazing presupposes a point mounting of translucent elements. Number of attach points (spiders) varies depending on complexity of the construction. Such mounting enables obtaining of ideally flat surfaces with absolutely unseen frame. And application of translucent distance in insulating units creates the effect of facade invisibility. Such glazing requires the use of quality fittings and materials.
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