All-glass construction, also known as a frameless glazing, is a popular architectural and design solution today. All-glass constructions are widely used as inner and exterior all-glass shop windows or glass trading partitions. In recent times it has become more popular to use all-glass constructions as glass office partitions in designing of shopping centers, boutiques and shops. All-glass partitions make office interior maximally open, transparent and airy; glass permits light to pass through and visually extends space. Besides, transparent constructions make it possible to work longer in daylight. Glass partitions are becoming more and more widespread in interior design of modern dwellings. Even a small room space can be visually extended due to glass constructions.

As it comes from the name, frameless glazing has neither mullions nor transoms or any other bearing elements. Glass itself 8, 10 or 12 mm in thickness is a bearing element installed in clamping profile which in turn is fixed to ceiling, floor and walls although a visible part of the profile is not big.


The second variant of glass fixing to immovable supports is the use of point ceiling connectors such as the system Dorma Mannet. Sometimes connector fasteners of partition are combined with profile fixing, but they can be the main fasteners for glass. In this case glass is fixed only by connectors and doesn’t touch floor, ceiling and walls.

Transparent, frosted,    body- or mirror tinted glass and decorative glass with patterns is used in creation of all-glass constructions. As usual all these glasses are exposed to the toughening operation. Tempered glass is characterized by toughness, high resistance to blows, bows, temperature differences. That is important in construction of shop windows, partitions, tables and doors. Almost any kind of glass can be toughened (including tinted or decorative glass) making this technology universal.

After the toughening operation glass toughness increases 5-7 times and if glass is broken it falls into small pieces with blunt edges posing no significant hazards to man’s health. Application of laminated glass, triplex is also possible. Triplex is characterized by higher blow-resistance in comparison with toughened glass. But it is thicker and heavier. That’s why this kind of glass is preferable only in case when high blow-resistance is the most important characteristic of all-glass construction.

All-glass construction may be competed with a wide range of all-glass door systems intended both for installation inside the room and creation of all-glass entrance lobbies. Glass doors are in great demand due to their durability, harmony, resistance and other qualities which are important for owners of modern offices, shops, shopping and business centers.

There are the following kinds of all-glass doors:

Double-acting glass doors. They are suitable for all apertures and are characterized by high passing through capacity. Such doors are fixed to ceiling and floor. So, a double acting glass door is a glass sheet secured by two main elements — fittings. The lower fitting has a closing device due to which the doors close automatically behind people.


Besides, such doors have a special mode “hold open” holding the doors in the open position. If you don’t need doors with the “door closed” mode you can order doors without such a device. Once a double-acting glass door is fixed to floor and ceiling than for its installation only strength of the aperture ceiling is important. The material and strength of walls are not so significant. Any supply lines should pass through places of mounting of door closing device and upper pivot. The aperture should be absolutely even; otherwise after installation of the door panel its flexure will be noticeable.

Hinged glass doors. They swing open only in one direction unlike double-acting glass doors.


Strictly speaking, any double-acting glass door can be transformed into a hinged one by means of installation of a doorstop. Nevertheless there are special systems of hardware for hinged glass doors. In case when a panel of a hinged glass door has a ledge in a closed position it is pressed to the aperture sealer. It results in better sound insulation determining a choice of a kind of door for the office or flat. If door hinges are fixed to the aperture wall it should be characterized by high strength. Gypsum aperture should be armored beforehand by embedded construction.

Rolling glass doors. As it comes from the name, a wing of a rolling or sliding glass door moves sideways.


The main advantage of the rolling glass door is that a glass sheet never moves towards an opening glass sheet at the opening. Shifting of the wing requires less opening space in contrast when the door is pushed open. Rolling glass doors are used for installation inside the room.

There are two systems of rolling glass doors:

  • System with an open door track. In such doors, a stainless steel pipe functions as a door track. Movable carriages are not covered by any decorative covers and fit into hi-tec design. Glass catches, door track fastenings are also made of frosted stainless steel. Such fittings are found in the series Dorma Manet and its analogues.
  • System with a closed door track. In such door, a U-shaped aluminum profile functions as door track. Carriages, which hold glass, move inside it. Carriages, glass clamps and catches are not visible as they are covered by a door track or a decorative cover.
    The main element of a rolling glass door is a guide track along which the carriages move. Depending on the hardware system the track can be made in form of pipe or aluminum profile. A doorstop device is installed on the track. Glass leaves are fixed to carriages. Any floor tracks are absent, only in the corner of the aperture a miniature floor guide track which fixes glass is installed.

Automatic glass doors. Such door opens without using any pushing effort. When you come up to such doors they open and then close behind you due to a special system. Control system of such doors regulates distance to the object, speed of opening and closing of the door wings, time of holding of the door in open position after passing of the object through it. Glass automatic doors provide huge space saving benefits; are convenient for all public places with very high traffic flow.


Furnitura of glass doors represents a particular chapter in modern interior design. Furnitura of all-glass constructions is made of stainless steel (brushed or polished), anodized aluminum. Hardware should not only provide a proper functioning but also emphasize a sophistication of the door design and its uniqueness. Besides aesthetic properties, hardware should meet high quality requirements. Glass is rather a peculiar material, so that any element should correspond to specified requirements for safety and durability. Wear resisting properties of glass door hardware are higher in comparison with other products. An intended service life of most of mechanisms comprises about 50 years.


We use hardware of the leading European manufacturers in producing of all-glass constructions: Casma (Italy), Dorma and WSS (Germany), Sevax (France).

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