The receipt of permission documents for building is the first and the most important stage of building.

Permission documents include:

  • establishing documents for the plot of land;
  • permission receipt from the regional authority for object projecting;
  • receipt of the raw data in the local department of architecture for projecting of the object of town planning (common name – architecturally-planning task APT);
  • collection of necessary specifications (the list of which is defined in raw data for projecting);
  • projecting;
  • project agreement;
  • project expertise (for the projects that must undergo an expertise);
  • receipt of permission for building;
  • contract with contracting agency, object construction;
  • setting to work;
  • obtaining of entitling documents (certificate of property rights);
  • registration in BTI.

These are the general documents for receiving building license. In some cases there is the possibility for changes and supplements.

The procedure of building license receipt is defined in the Law of Ukraine “On territory planning” and can be supplemented by local rules of settlement planning. The scheme of license receipt depends on the legal status of plot of land, population aggregate and the category of constructed object.

Taking into account the complexity of the procedure of building license receipt, the number of necessary time and effort spent, we will provide you with knowledgeable assistance solving the problems in the shortest amount of time possible.

The cost of receipt of permission documents for building is defined after the inspection of Customer’s documents.