Construction expertise is a research analysis that consists in collection and processing of technical information that is made by our specialists in the area of building and projecting according to the inquiry.

Construction expertise foresees the complete technical inspection of all the building objects in whole or their separate constructive elements.

Structures and their constructive elements as well as the structures and buildings finishing elements, infrastructure, flats, houses, cottages, community facilities, plots of land are the objects of construction expertise.

The expertise of building projects is conducted for the purpose of analysis of construction documents and technical documentation for buildings for analysis of building technologies, quality of construction works and materials, their correspondence to GOST, DBN, SNiP of Ukraine and claimed national and international standards.

The expertise of construction works is necessary to solve the problems of safety of exploitation of building objects while closing the purchase contract particularly of the commercial objects at the stage of incompleted construction when the customer or contractor wants to understand the technical state of target object.

The construction expertise is ordered:

  • to determine the quality of construction, repair and erecting works;
  • to determine the correspondence of construction and repair works to technical norms and construction documents;
  • to determine the defects in building constructions and the state of irreversibility of process, such as rust, corrosion, some delaminations;
  • to make exact measuring of inner and outer buildings;
  • to determine the cost of repair works in the case of damage to structures and buildings;
  • setting to work of buildings;
  • to determine the real cost of real property at commitment of commercial sale and purchase transactions.

The result of independent construction enterprise is the statement about possible inconsistency between design parameters and objective parameters of built and repaired building objects.

The need in juridical construction expertise appears in the case of pre-trial and court proceedings of conflict situation that need consultation of specialist in the area of projecting, building, exploitation and repair of structures and buildings.

Juridical and construction expertise is conducted:

  • at separation of real estate between holders;
  • in case of disagreement between customer and independent work contractor by quality and volume of construction and repair works;
  • for subdivision between holders and land users.