Laminated glass (triplex) is a real hi-tech in the world of glass. It is represented by few glass layers, laminated together with high-impact laminating film or liquid. Both glass and film shades and thicknesses may be distinct from each other.

According to the most building regulations, laminated glass is considered as a «safe» material. In case of breakdown, glass fracture fragments stick to the film and do not fall out of the frame, which reduces the risk of injury by sharp fragments. Depending on safety requirements, laminated glass should be tempered or heat-strengthened.

Because of laminated glass high strength and security characteristics, it should be used:

  • for protection against illegal infiltration, hacking or shooting;
  • for the shock wave impact risk reduction;
  • if the working area is located in the mountainous and earthquake-prone zones;
  • if there is a risk of fall out of a frame or room;
  • for compliance with increased sound insulation requirements;
  • for floors, stairs, moldings and skylights design.