Glass ceilings installed by our company are spectacular and fashionable.

Modern decoration of banquet halls, restaurants, offices, hotels, shops and apartments of dwelling houses includes glass elements and glass ceiling is a relevant decision of this question.

Glass is very refined, ecologically clean, waterproof and at the same time translucent material. Glass ceiling can perform several functions simultaneously. They can serve as a special decor element filling the room with light and air; extend space and function as a supporting frame.

Glass ceilings allow obtaining of an intense colour, balancing illumination of the room without slants and jumps of light in different points. Various techniques of application of different patterns on glass (matting, photocopying, silkscreen printing) open new opportunities for you in ceiling design. Themes and patterns are of your choice. You can admire the night sky or see the sunrise staying in bed. In addition, lamps behind the ceiling make it incredibly enigmatic. Every romantic person dreams of such a glass ceiling.

Glass ceiling is installed on aluminium suspension systems of leading global producers that certifies of its safety and reliability. In order to increase a safety factor, glass ceilings may be additionally equipped with a protective film.

We can point out the following advantages of illuminated glass ceiling:

  • Aesthetic features (visual magnificence of glass ceilings makes the interior look luxuriously);
  • Functionality (it is possible to hide air ventilation and climate control systems and various cables and lines behind the plane of glass ceiling);
  • Humidity resistance (this quality makes it possible to install glass ceilings in rooms with high air humidity);
  • Brightness (illuminated glass ceilings provide more steady light due to glass properties);
  • Easy installation (suspended glass and mirror ceilings are installed without prior preparation of surface and involving of “dirty jobs”);
  • Easy maintenance (ceilings are easy to clean, with little effort required); Durability (glass ceiling is very durable and does not require periodic repair and reconstruction investments).