Fireproof glass is a construction consisting of two high-quality float-glass sheets. The gap between sheets is filled with a special polymer composite material. This glass is able to resist fire and protects the room against heat radiation.

The basis of fire constructions (doors, windows, gates, partitions), is designed to prevent the spread of fire throughout the building and to set fire barriers for inner and outer doorways. This is a metal frame, which is filled with insulating material. The kind of a wall facing can be varied. The interior wall surfaces, joints and seams are filled with different kinds of sealants and compounds that swell when exposed to heat thus fill out all the cavities and completely prevent the spread of smoke, fire and heat.

Modern fireproof glass constructions are able to effectively curb the spread of flames. This is reliable barrier to the fire. Fireproof glass constructions are effective immediately after installation completion. This is the most stable and reliable kind of fire protection for anyone inside the premises. However, if the «blind» firewalls are perfect for ventilation chambers, staircases, storage rooms and basements, its usage for office entrance areas decoration is inappropriate, especially for areas like corridors and halls. Laminated glass firewalls with helium filling were designed for these purposes. This kind of glass is able to resist fire and protects any room from the thermal radiation up to 1.5 hours.

The main distinguish criterion for fireproof partitions is the time it is able to retain its insulating ability and integrity. All these indicators are measured in minutes. For example, financial institutions and banks have high requirements for fire safety. This kind of partition design should have high fire resistance degree. In standard fire conditions fireproof glass should provide fire resistance EI for 15, 30, 45, 60 and 90 minutes.

We also pay attention to the design of our fire protection structures so they fit perfectly into design of any office. We produce stylish fireproof products with a variety of finishing materials such as laminated chipboard, vinyl flooring and fine wood veneer.

Decorative-facing part of the profile, manufactured in accordance with your desire, can be painted in any color of RAL catalog. These decorated panels not only make your room or office safe, but also create an atmosphere of understated elegance and success.

Please remember! Fire-prevention measures observation and safety rules compliance not only guarantee adequate fire protection, but also provide a rapid response to already existing fire.