Building object commissioning is the final stage in the process of building.

The specialists of our company will help the developers to prepare the documents for the object of property commissioning of any category of complexity correctly, to receive the act of building and structure to work readiness quickly, to legitimate the object of unauthorized building, to draw the declaration about the object readiness and its commissioning.

The act of building commissioning will help to connect all the necessary utility lines of gas, water and heat supply. To draft the building norms conformance certificate for the objects of the category of complexity IV-V in inspectorate GASK.

The act of building commissioning will help to prepare the documents for property rights.

The date of object commissioning is the date of delivery.

Manifesting procedure:

The contractor, who finished the works according to the construction contract, sends written notice with the package of documents.

The customer, who received the package of documents and the notice from contractor about the finishing of object erecting works, has to proceed to integrated readiness testing of object to commissioning by acceptance committee.

The integrated readiness testing of object for commissioning is conducted by Provisional commission that is defined by the decision of contractor (customer) within five days from the date of receipt of written notice from contractor about object construction works finishing.

The Provisional commission consists of:

  • responsible representative of builder (customer, investor) — presiding commissioner;
  • responsible representative of project documentation development contractor, subdesigners representative (the developers of special disciplines);
  • responsible representative of contractor (prime contractor, subcontractor);
  • responsible representatives of operating entity;
  • responsible representatives of State sanitary and epidemiological supervision services, state fire-protection supervision or other supervisory authorities — at their sole discretion.

At object construction by builder – the organization of complex type – the working commission is created at the direction of corporate management team from the responsible representatives of subdivisions that accomplish basic organizational functions of customer, project designer and contractor involving responsible representatives of operating entity and, if it’s necessary, the supervision agency. The conclusion of the working commission with appendices is given to corporate management team.

The complex check of object readiness for commissioning is accomplished at the cost of builder (customer).

In the process of complex check of object readiness for commissioning the working commission:

  • checks the completeness, content and execution of documentation that was presented by contractor (prime contractor, subcontractor);
  • evaluates the correspondence of finished building constructions to the requirements of projecting documentation;
  • conducts the testing and trialing of processing equipment and engineering systems;
  • checks the notices and directions of the representatives of technical, field supervision, state supervision authorities that were made in the logs of technical and field supervision and general works log;
  • may check the compliance with the requirements to reliability of control, measurements and tests results;
  • may control the reliability of geodesic scheme that was presented by contractor (prime contractor, subcontractor) if this control was not made at provisional acceptance of critical structures.

According to results of complex test the working commission makes a conclusion about object readiness for commissioning.

In case of deviations from requirements of project documentation and regulatory documents in constructions, processing equipment, building services and finishing applicable to object acceptance and redevelopment of surrounding area the working commission makes a conclusion about incomplete object readiness for commissioning and encloses the list of detected defects.

The conclusion of working commission that is completed as required by law and is presented to builder (customer) with above mentioned list of defected defects if any exist.

The builder (customer) presents the list of defects detected by working commission (if any exist) to contractor for their elimination in terms defined as agreed upon with contractor.

The builder (customer) presents the completed built object after the complex check of its readiness to the state acceptance commission or acceptance commission for object commissioning in accordance with the laws on architectural, town planning and building activities. At the same time the builder (customer) presents to commission the package of documents as well as the package of documents received from contractor.

The total ordering of object commissioning

The commissioning of the built object by state acceptance commission or acceptance commission is made after its complete readiness in accordance with approved project and the positive conclusion of working commission. In some cases the built object commissioning is made by the owner (customer, investor, contractor) individually.

The exploitation of built object without the positive decision of state acceptance commission or acceptance commission is not allowed.

The object commissioning certificate of state acceptance commission (in cases determined by national regulations — acceptance commission certificate) is an exceptional source document at registration of property rights for ready building products.

The object commissioning certificate by state commission must be approved. The approval of the object commissioning certificate is made by the instance that appointed the state acceptance commission.

The terms of commissioning certificate approval:

  • for the industrial purpose projects – no more than one month from the date of certificate signing;
  • for the housing and civil objects – no more than seven days from the date of certificate signing.

The date of commissioning accepted by the state object acceptance commission is the date of approval of object commissioning certificate by the authority that appointed the commission. The date of commissioning of the object accepted by the acceptance commission is the date of signing of object commissioning certificate.

The powers of state acceptance commission and the acceptance commission of the object start from the moment of appointment and terminate at the moment of approval of objects acceptance certificate.

The powers of the working commission at the object start from the moment of its appointment and terminate at the moment at providing the conclusion on complex check of commissioned object executed as required by law.

The responsibility of the participants of commissioning of the built objects

The participants of commissioning of the built objects including the customers (investors, builders), responsible package executives for survey, project, installation and construction works, manufacturers and suppliers of construction materials, products, structures and equipment as well as services of operative construction supervision and installation works, the members of state inspection or commissioning and working team, other participants bear the responsibility specified in legislative acts for danger to life or health of citizens and the damage to state, public and private interests that was made because of the committed violation or departure from compulsory regulatory requirements (conditions, limitations).

The process of agreement and price of setting to work of the finished building object is developed for every individual customer individually.