We accomplish integrated projecting from the project development to building field supervision:

  • technical specifications acquisition,
  • architectural projecting,
  • scheme design,
  • design project,
  • engineering documentation,
  • general layout,
  • approval.

We accomplish projecting and installation of networks.

Building project management from idea, draft design to completion of works on object is one of the areas of our work.

Architectural project is a part of construction and town planning documents that contains architectural decisions necessary for elaborating of building documentation.

Now it’s almost impossible to imagine replanning of buildings, changes in interior and just to make a simple renovation without the corresponding development of professional designer who uses architectural project.

Design includes development and construction decisions of interiors in complex projects as well as on separate objects.

Key to perfection – initially careful planning and development at all building stages guarantees the creation of exclusive, unique, desired and at the same time at most functional and effective interior.

Talented specialists of our company highly appreciate the cooperation with building, repair companies, private individuals and business owners that need attractive, practical and individual decision starting from its architecture and finishing by small decorative details.

This is a set of stages that need careful examination and preparation of all the components. The talented designers of our company dedicate themselves to this task.